Our Process

As a one woman show, I limit the number of bookings I accept each week to ensure each client's pieces get the attention they deserve without rushing. I recommend booking up to six months in advance, especially for busier wedding months like August, September, and October. I often have availability for shorter notice booking, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to check on availability. For memorial or other special occasion flowers that need immediate booking, I do save room for these orders, but they may take a little longer than the standard time frame. 



After the big day, I recommend clients either drop off their flowers or have them shipped overnight to me within 48 hours. Contrary to popular belief, flowers dry the best when they're fresh. Flowers can only be saved in the condition they arrive in. Unfortunately, flowers that have begun to decay cannot be preserved.

Once your flowers arrive, I disassemble your bouquet, taking care to remove any dead, wilted or brown flowers. I select the very best flowers to use based on the pieces you've selected, and discard any unneeded flowers. Once selected, the blooms go into a commercial grade, flower drying gel. I make sure to arrange your blooms in a way that preserves their natural shape. If you've ordered ornaments, those flowers get put into the flower press for pressing. The drying process can take up to three weeks depending on the type of flower/greenery. 


Once your beautiful blooms have been dried completely, I will design the layout for your large block pieces. Designs are my artistic interpretation of your bouquet. Client preferences and feedback are taken into consideration, however the complete redesign of block pieces is limited, as dried flowers are delicate and subject to damage with too much handling. In order to keep projects on time, once you receive your design, please reply with feedback or approval within 48 hours. It is important to note that flowers do change slightly as the result of the drying process, including darkening or lightening of color. 


After the designing phase, your flowers are cast in the shapes you've selected. Pieces are poured in layers to protect the stability of the resin. A few things to know about your casting: While I do everything that I can to remove as many bubbles as possible, it is impossible to get them all. By the time your flowers get to me, they have already had quite the journey. Through harvesting, designing, a day of dancing, photos and heat, bouquets often end up with bruising in some petals. Invisible to the naked eye, once in resin the any bruising will appear as translucent spots on the flowers. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of working with delicate blooms and is unavoidable. 


All finished pieces are shipped right to your front door for you to enjoy forever! 
While shipping is complimentary in the continental US, if you should want any unused flowers or vases back at the end of the process, that will need to be arranged in advance and a shipping fee will be assessed as they will need to be sent separately. The entire process takes 8-10 weeks.