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Preserving White Bouquets

I love opening my drop box to find a beautiful bouquet, done up in all kinds of soft, white florals. They feel so elegant and plush to hold and are as timeless as you.

Fast forward to the drying process of these perfect white angels: they come out of the gel and are various shades of ivory and yellow. What went wrong?! Nothing! White flowers, inevitably develop a yellow tint through the drying process. While I’ve heard whispers of other artists spraying your flowers with chemicals to artificially bolster the original color of flowers, I prefer to take a more natural approach and drying them gently in a way that preserves the structural integrity of the bloom.

It’s just a fact of life: White flowers yellow.

Still adamant that you want a white bouquet that will dry white? Here are some flowers that will give you the best shot:

- Carnations

- Scabiosa

- Phalaenopsis Orchids

- Stock

- Peonies

- Baby’s Breath

- Lilies

- Anemones

- Hydrangea

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